WEDNESDAY 11/05/2022 – 21:30


The concept of Uncanny Valley was coined by professor Masahiro Mori, and refers to how the extreme realism of robots and humanoid androis may cause a sense of repulsion and disquiet in the observer. In this program, that partially follows the themes introduced in the previous editions by the programs Make Me Glitch and Machine Porn, we’ll turn the concept of uncanny valley upside down to investigate the cyborgification of the human body in porn: from dollification to the use of soft robots, to the symbiosis between flesh and code through cams and projectors.


A CYBORG MANIFESTO - Four Chambers (5’, UK, 2020)


We broadcast our image in cells and pixels across continents, viewed by lenses, pushed through codecs and compression algorithms, adapting new ways to circumvent the physical. Thousands of people every day fuck and fuck themselves broadcast live via webcam.
I spent 4 years from 2012-2016 live online, executing a carefully choreographed performance of authenticity – shapeshifting, adapting, morphing. My sex and self monetised for consumption, working for tips. Records of this will outlive me, videos of cam shows ripped, recorded and uploaded on illegal sites, digital time capsules or ticking time bombs.
We exist in a system that commodifies our personhood, our images, our data and our lives online, to harness that isn’t freedom from it but it can be control.


🆃🆆 - MERCI MADAME MANON - Manon Praline (21’, DE, 2021) *dollification*


Madame Manon is proud to show off her gorgeous and so perfectly obediant babydoll Puck Ellington. The Femmedomme uses the doll as her personal toy for pleasure, breaking through the limits of ethically acceptable sex practices. But Puck knows how to take what they want out of the situation and enjoys it quite a lot until they flip it into a T4T straight play, makes Manon kneel down and turns her into a Domme I Like to Fuck.


FUSES - Four Chambers (7’, UK, 2020)


We wanted to make a film in lockdown isolation that honoured the potential future collaborations missed and explored new ways to fuse and fuck across distances. All the performers featured in this film are people we’d wanted to work with on Four Chambers future projects in 2020. Vanniall, Koras, Kali and Io’s bodies projected over and merging with Vex’s body, the light from them captured through lenses into binary, transmitted across distances into shimmering pixels on screens thrown in beams of light onto and into another body.

Merging into eachother in new ways.
Fucking is fusion.
The pandemic restricts us and at the same time it forces new pathways.


NINA AND THE ROBOTS - Cindy Coutant (19’, FR, 2021)


The breath of the machine fills the air, where the singing can flow. Nina stands in front of the wiggling robot. The soft bodies measure up themselves, sometimes harmonize. The breaths dilate the organs, which swell and fold; transmute the synthetic movement into vital impetus and the vulva into mouth, which inflates until it spreads.


🆃🆆 Trigger warning!  The content of some of the movies included in this slot may be triggering for you or other people. Read carefully the synopsis and triggers that are next to the title, or ask more info to the stuff the day of the screening.