FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

The terms and conditions of the current Hacker Porn Film Festival are available on FilmFreeway, which is the only platform where films can be entered. This FAQ page and all information available on the website and social channels should be understood as additional information.

Q: Do you only accept films?
A: HPFF is primarily a film festival. Proposals of other art forms are still welcome: visual arts, performances, and music. Feel free to contact us to explain your project. If you want to submit an audiovisual artwork, consider uploading it to FilmFreeway anyway.

Q: How can we send files?
A: Links without expiration are not mandatory but we prefer them so that we can retrieve files at any time. For movie screening at the festival a Full HD H.264 with a good bitrate should be fine.

Q: How do festival fees work?
A: Participants are kindly requested to contribute a small nominal submission fee (2$) when entering their film via FilmFreeway. This fee helps to support our independent and self-funded project. While HPFF is not in a position to offer screening fees for the films shown, we remain open to discussing other forms of agreements with artists.

Q: What does the 48H consist of?
A: Every year the festival hosts a group of artists who will produce a short film in approximately two days. Agreements are made months in advance. During the days of the festival, at the sole discretion of the artists involved in the 48 hours film project, it is possible to ask them for collaboration.

Q: Do you offer accommodations?
A: In past editions, we have hosted various artists from around the world. We cannot guarantee reimbursements for travel or accommodation for those involved in the selected films, but we commit to inform the respective productions if the necessary conditions arise.

Q: Do you offer cash prizes?
A: No, the prizes awarded at our event are symbolic in nature and do not include any cash awards.

Q: After how long do you answer the questions?
A: We cannot guarantee a specific response time to your emails throughout the year. However, we strive to respond to each inquiry as promptly as possible to facilitate participation in the festival. If you do not receive a timely response, please do not hesitate to send us another email.