What is the sex of cyborgs? How do aliens fuck? What is the gender of elves? And what about corpses? Ultrafucking is a carousel of post-human sex and xenomorphic identities inhabited by ultrabodies beyond every imagination.

X by Paulx Castello (Argentine, 2018, 5’)
EXPERIMENT H21 by Kim Cums (Australia, 2018, 13’)
A DREAM OF PAPER FLOWERS by Leila Jarman (USA, 2016, 6’)
LOVESICK by Cassandra Sechler (USA, 2018, 8’)
WHAT ELVES DO IN THE WOODS? by Juan Gallo (Uruguay, 2018, 7’)
CORPSE’S SHUCK PARTY by Cabri Li, Wasabi Splash (Argentine, 2017, 12’)

Saturday 27/04/2019 – 17:00
Sunday 28/04/2019 – 16:00 – replica


X by Paulx Castello (Argentine, 2018, 5’)

X takes us to a post-apocalyptical world inhabited by cyborgs. They create their post-human society based on countersexual practices.


EXPERIMENT H21 by Kim Cums (Australia, 2018, 13’)

Experiment H21 explores medical fetish and extra-terrestrial encounters. H21 is a reference to our hopes to contact alien life. 21cm is the wavelength of hydrogen as it emits a radio wave at 1,420MHz. Scientists have determined that this frequency is well-suited for interstellar communication. This film probes into a niche kink and examines the potential eroticism of first contact.


A DREAM OF PAPER FLOWERS by Leila Jarman (USA, 2016, 6’)

A Dream of Paper Flowers is a poetry film. It is an art film. It is a soundscape steeped in allegory, a capsule of femme horror, unnerving and captivating. A glimpse into the raw, jagged coals of the female psyche.


LOVESICK by Cassandra Sechler (USA, 2018, 8’)

Enter a dying alien’s fantasy about having sex as a human.


WHAT ELVES DO IN THE WOODS? by Juan Gallo (Uruguay, 2018, 7’)

What about elfs nowadays? are there some elffags? are there some elfsluts? A slut-fag-sudaka-elf manifiesto.


CORPSE’S SHUCK PARTY by Cabri Li, Wasabi Splash (Argentine, 2017, 12’)

In a strange town a group of mutant, lesbians friends is captured into a magical house where the garbage of society lives happily. Inspired by the book “Borrador para un diccionario de las amantes”, written by Sande Zeig and Monique Wittig (1975).