SATURDAY 14/05/2022 – 20:00

INFERNO ROSSO. JOE D’AMATO SULLA VIA DELL’ECCESSO – Manlio Gomarasca, Massimiliano Zanin (75’, IT, 2021)

– Originality comes in many colors. And like it or not, Joe D’Amato is a SUPERNOVA!
Nicolas Winding Refn

Who was Aristide Massaccesi, aka Joe D’amato? A genius of horror in the USA, a master of eroticism in France, the king of porn in Italy. In his immense filmography, cult films appear such as Antropophagus, Buio omega, Emanuelle in America, Emanuelle Around the World, The Arena, Death Smiles on a Murder, Eleven Days, Eleven Nights, Black Sex, Porno Holocaust, Erotic Nights of the Living Dead, Endgame, Caligula… The Untold Story. A man with a thousand pseudonyms and many facets, capable of making over 200 films while simultaneously holding the roles of producer, director, author, director of photography and even camera operator. An artisan of cinema, as he liked to define himself, capable of ranging between all film genres. From spaghetti western to post-atomic, from decamerotic to glossy eroticism, from blockbuster porn to bloody horror. Guided by the aesthetics of the extreme and supported by an undeniable technical ability, Aristide Massaccesi pushed himself and the viewer beyond all limits, following, with commitment, three rigid dictates that have become his stylistic code: Surprise, Shock, Scandalize. One, none, one hundred genres enclosed in a single author. And this film tells the story of his courageous, crazy, reckless life, dedicated to a single, unique, uncontainable and catastrophic obsession: the film set.