HPFF24 – Press Release

3rd, 10th, 17th April 2024 c/o Trenta Formiche, Via del Mandrione 3, Rome
24th April 2024 c/o Pianeta Sonoro, Via Casilina 196/a, Rome

From 26th to 30th April 2024 c/o Trenta Formiche, Via del Mandrione 3, Rome

Insects under the microscope (or are they giant bugs?) emerge from the darkness, breaking the fourth wall. Their exoskeletons reflect strategies of mimesis and adaptation: they become metaphors for complex, multifaceted, and sensual existences, in dialogue with the identities of the festival. These creatures will be in the company of that moth, always a symbol of the HPFF, or the thirty ants that give name to the venue of our festival: cinema, visual arts, music, talks and encounters. Of course, insects can evoke fear, disgust or rejection, but indeed ours aims to be a bold space, to break down inhibitions, overcome personal limitations and embarrassment, revealing unseen facets of the self or long lost fantasies.

As the selection process unfolded over the months, connections between the various works emerged spontaneously. In this mosaic of short films – and documentaries – BODY AFFINITIES weaves together closely related bodies and identities; POLICY OF PLEASURE probes the politics of pleasure with an iconoclastic zeal; CRAVING CONFLICTS describes contrasting and intimate interactions; GAY NOSTALGIA takes us on a melancholic voyage through gay culture and awakening; GOLDEN AGE celebrates sexuality in later years; SEXUAL HABITS uncovers intimate truths through unexpected behaviors; PORN WONDERS unveils visionary and revealing narratives; INTO THE WOODS leads us through untamed “nature”; THE RHYTHM OF PORN arises as a musical and experimental venture; HORROR PORN, with its dark and unsettling nuances, portends sleepless nights. 

Italian productions are highlighted in the SPAGHETTI PORN mix, while NO GENDER NO BORDER annually appeals to those seeking provocative and extreme imagery. The works of AORTA and EDIY herald a freedom of expression beyond borders; JAN SOLDAT, an independent filmmaker consistently present at the festival, reaffirms his cinema of otherness.

While last year we opened the festival with a retrospective of Bruce LaBruce’s No Skin Off My Ass, this year we welcome the producer of that film and many others, the former founder of the Pornfilmfestival Berlin (PFFB), Jürgen Brüning. The Berlin-based producer will present THE RASPBERRY REICH, a film manifesto directed by Bruce LaBruce and produced by Brüning himself in 2004; PRALLE LEDERHOSEN, an explicit gay porn from 1997 directed by the mysterious Jürgen Anger; KLAPPE, a pastiche film with a nostalgic eye that will also be in competition. The latter will be accompanied by TRÊS TIGRES TRISTES by Gustavo Vinagre, winner of the Teddy Award at the Berlinale 2022, screening for the first time in Italy. Joining us from Berlin is CAPTAIN FAGGOTRON SAVES THE UNIVERSE, an extravagant queer fantasy directed by Harvey Rabbit. Finally, STOCKHOLM SYNDROME by Vivienne L’Amour, delving into intense BDSM practices.

Our screenings may at times feel uncomfortable, but we assure you that you will come away with a greater awareness (and excitement). As we’ve been doing since our debut in 2016, this year we’ll be offering independent, unapologetic, boundary-pushing, DIY, punk – in a word – HACKER productions.

Over 90 films, documentaries, and short films, amounting to a total of 38 screening slots, divided into 4 Wednesdays of previews (April 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th) and 5 days of the festival (from April 26th to 30th), with the collaboration and support of the Arci Clubs Trenta Formiche and Pianeta Sonoro. 

PREVIEW Programme and Timings | 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th April

HPFF24 Programme and Timings | 26th-30th April

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