No Border – NO HUMANS – HPFF19


Hacker Porn has always explored no gender. What happens if the genre moves towards the non-human? To the species? Here is a series of short films from all over the world including Italy that explore this very interesting topic in an ironic, light and aesthetically fascinating way.

NEED YOU NOW by Cremance (Mexico, 2017, 16’)
GENDER BEAST by Turita Q, Eris (Italy, 2019, 8’)
BONDS by Marileo (Italy, 2019, 8’)
THE WRONG END OF THE STICK by Terri Matthews (UK, 2016, 10’)
PROFANI by Wylie Duffy (USA, 2017, 4’)
LIPSTICK by Brian Zahm (USA, 2018, 3’)
GENESIS by Amanda Lindenbach (Canada, 2018, 3’)
ERKÄNN by Anna-Karin Örander, Finn Deivert (Sweden, 2018, 5’)
VENUS IN SCORPIO TW by Evie Snax (USA, 2018, 3’)
THE EMPTY BODY by Ambrita Sunshine, Alberto Guerri (Italy, 2019, 7’)

Wednesday 24/04/2019 – 23:30
Saturday 27/04/2019 – 18:00 – replica

TW [Warning! Alive animals on scene]