The extreme No Border program is back with the best and most daring shorts of our festival. Warning: the content of this program might be triggering. Or exciting.

FRIDAY 03/12/2021 – 23:30


SUBMERGE – Ena Lind (DE, 15’, 2020)
Outside it was a hot summer afternoon, inside the factory the two lovers were washed in cool blue light. One asks the questions, sharp but always with deep connection; the other answers when she can. Submerge is one of the million chapters of a queer BDSM love story.

THE MIRROR – Toni Karat (DE, 4’30’’, 2020)
How to cope with the Covid-19 Crisis? Manon Praline has some very hot solo-fun in front of the mirror at an old attic in a unique and timeless atmosphere. It conveys the tranquil and authentic intimacy when you are on your own. It was filmed with the obligatory Corona distance …! This short film was Toni Karat’s and Manon Praline’s contribution to the Berlin soli porn fundraiser project for sexworkers: ‘Sex In Times of Corona’.

MENSPLAINING – Ann Antidote (DE, 10’, 2021)
Menstruation is natural, matter of fact and not something exceptional, giving one person different properties, spiritual or material, worse or better. Get ready to watching it live on screen! Ft. rope bondage, first hand experiences and background research.

QUAILS; SARAH – Luka Fisher (US, 6’, 2021)
Mistress Witch Wilde and her submissive Sarah explore ritual through BDSM.

FEELS GOOD TO BE SADOMASOCHIST – Ediy Produções (BR, 11’, 2020)
Aló tames the brat Dandy with very tied ropes and slaps. The session intensifies when they enter the bathtub and play with suffocation, clamps and a wooden spoon.

LOCKDOWN – Ben Berlin (DE, 2021)
A claustrophobic and poetic vision in the times of the coronavirus.
Una visione claustrofobia e poetica nei tempi del coronavirus.

SEA BREEZE – Ben Berlin (DE, 2021)
A poetic and eco-sexual love.

LITTLE MARY – Jo Pollux (DE, 2020)
A poetic and artistic vision of unconventional practices in BDSM.