LATIFUNDIUM by Érica Sarmet – HPFF19

LATIFUNDIUM by Érica Sarmet (Short, Brazil, 2017, 11’)

Thursday 25/04/2019 – 21:00
Sunday 28/04/2019 – 18:00 – replica

The body is not merely matter but a continual and incessant materializing of possibilities. In Brazil and other Latin American countries, “latifúndios” are a large agricultural property belonging to a single person, a family or company, characterized by the extensive exploitation of its resources. We are taught that our bodies are our first private property, a demarcated area that should be regulated and supervised by the State. But what if we think the body as a vast land with many possibilities of construction and creation outside the practices of monoculture sexuality? What if we invaded the body? Took it for ourselves? “Latifundium” is an experimental queer porn film in the context of Latin America on expanding our notions of body, its disires and what can it do.