In collaboration with COMPANY ROMA and Golena Edizioni, Hacker Porn Film Festival presents:

Feb 8, 2019, in care of 📍 Club Company – Piazza Manfredo Fanti 40, 00185 Roma RM

PRESENTATION AND READING of the book ALTRI.IMMAGINARI, an anthology of the different ways of pleasing, from various authors***, curated by Collettivo Malatempora

DJ SET by Lady Maru and Impy
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CHIMAERAE di Ian De Santis

PORN SCREENINGS curated by Hacker Porn Film Festival

BODY PAINTING by Guido Ambrosini


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ALTRI.IMMAGINARI / OTHER IMAGINARIES by  Various authors, curated by Collettivo Malatempora, Golena Edizioni
We have selected 34 authors among dozens of scripts and illustrations to realize this anthology of stories about eroticism and sexuality of gender and genres, to support and spread other imaginations in this dark age increasingly heteronormative and fascist.
An open and openable collection. Not a fairytale, but experiences, desires, perversions, emotions, games where the protagonist is the body that desires, tells and tells in all the facets of margin and border: oldxxx, fatx, cripplex, racialx, asexual, lesbianx, fagxt, queer, nonbinary, transfeminist, xxxxxxxxxxx, noir, #NOBORDER.

Sentire eroticamente le esperienze altrui apre alla possibilità non soltanto di agirle individualmente, come ci spinge a fare una pornografia mainstream basata sulla prestazione, ma anche di ripensare alle relazioni e alle norme che riproducono, interrogandosi sul proprio piacere non soltanto come fatto, ma anche come trampolino per agire in maniera inedita, per costruire rapporti aperti a un possibile sempre nuovo […]
Dalla prefazione di Carlotta Cossutta


CHIMAERAE by Ian De Santis
Chimaerae, from the ancient greek chímaira, she-goat. Hybrid creatures, partially animal, post-human, embodiments of the deceptive.
A selection of drawings on the theme of metamorphosis.
The chimera as a hybrid creature or – in a figurative sense – as a utopia, research and reaffirmation of one’s own identity. The modification of the body, taboo for many cultures, still represents initiation, rite of passage or celebration.
The rethinking of the human body and its fusion with animal figures follow the call of ancestral, primitive forces.

PORN SCREENINGS curated by Hacker Porn Film Festival
On the screens, loop of movies, short films and documentaries of the previous editions of Hacker Porn Film Festival.

BODY PAINTING by Guido Ambrosini
Human, animal, alien. The application of colors on the skin as act of “body art, that is, the communication interface between being and “soul”, internal and external space in a continuous play of mirrors.
Decoration of the body as an act of transfiguration and facial masking as cultural elaboration, an aesthetic value charged with sacredness in primitive thought and in pagan culture.

Artworks by Ian De Santis

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