SATURDAY 14/05/2022 โ€“ 16:00 – with NECTAR OF THE SUBLIME

๐Ÿ†ƒ๐Ÿ†† – AUTOAGGRESSION โ€“ Martin Willibald Meisl, Daria Vybornova (27โ€™, AT, 2022) *needle, medical*

AUTOAGGRESSION is a autobiographical shortfilm about bug chasing, the intentional selfinfection with HIV. In the work, author and director Martin Willibald Meisl deals with his memories and tries to explore his own motivations. When did the tendency towards self-destructive behaviour arise and which ones can be seen? For that he works with reenactments of artworks such as photos by Joel-Peter Witkin or Michaelangeloโ€™s Pietรก.
A look at the later consequences of the decision is given. Discrimination, side effects of the HIV therapy but also with the feelings of the fresh infection. There is a clear change in his sexuality, new positions taken.

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