Short Films – HPFF22

The international short films of the sixth edition of Hacker Porn Film Festival.

WEDNESDAY 11/05/2022 – 21:30


The concept of Uncanny Valley was coined by professor Masahiro Mori, and refers to how the extreme realism of robots and humanoid androis may cause a sense of repulsion and disquiet in the observer. In this program, that partially follows the themes introduced in the previous editions by the programs Make Me Glitch and Machine Porn, we’ll turn the concept of uncanny valley upside down to investigate the cyborgification of the human body in porn: from dollification to the use of soft robots, to the symbiosis between flesh and code through cams and projectors. Discover more


A CYBORG MANIFESTO – Four Chambers (5’, UK, 2020)
?? – MERCI MADAME MANON – Manon Praline (21’, DE, 2021) *dollification*
FUSES – Four Chambers (7’, UK, 2020)
NINA AND THE ROBOTS – Cindy Coutant (19’, FR, 2021)


FRIDAY 13/05/2022 – 17:00


Four explicit movies brings us in a gay heaven oscillating between the most idylliac fantasy and the crudest sex. Discover more


SUCKMEOFF, PRINCESS! – Tristan Scott-Behrends (2’, US, 2019)
FISHERMAN – Nicky Miller (10’, DE, 2021)
CANIS LUPUS – Julian Curico (20’, DE, 2021)


FRIDAY 13/05/2022 – 18:30
WTF - 56'


There’s a lot of weird shit in this program: mouth-vulvas, not-so-educational programs, a fetish that can be satisfied only through photoshop and a man made entirely of minced meat? Yup, all things that will make you go WHAT THE FUCK a couple of times, but you should be used to that if you’re a fan of this festival! Discover more

WTF – 56′

SNACK TIME – Jo Sordini (6’, DE, 2020)
BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – Mathieu Morel (13’, FR, 2021)
REBIRTH.JPEG – Elias ZX (15’, US, 2021)
THE MINCE PRINCE – Peter Ahlers (22’, DE, 2020)


FRIDAY 13/05/2022 – 21:30


Ecosex is the romantic, sensual or sexual relationship between humans and nature, but in this program we go far beyong a mere bark licking! In Plantasia we find trees, fruits, insects, swamps, and every kind of fluid channeling the realization of the most rooted desires and of a gender affirmation that escapes the meshes of a straight society. To slightly quote xenofeminism: “If Nature is unjust, change nature! If you like it, make a porn about it!”. Discover more


DIC PIC PICNIC – Ethan Folk, Ty Wardwell (3’, DE, 2020)
FOREST AFFAIR – Gracie Wallner (6’, US, 2021)
WET STREAMING III – FUCK MY FICUS – Aaron Scherer, Eva Sommer, Daniela Zahlner (5’, AT, 2021)
OGRE HOLE – Echo Chambers (5’, US, 2022)
TREESOME – Synes Elischka (6’, FIN, 2021)
FRAGMENTED DELICACIES – Elio J. Carranza (10’, DE, 2021)
POLLINATION: FIG/WASP – Halo Rossetti (5’, US, 2021)
STORM IN THE MAGNETIC VALLEY – Hiperlinque, Kupalua, Tormenta Cósmica (17’, BR, 2020)


FRIDAY 13/05/2022 – 23:00


For this edition, XXXPLICIT strictly contains extreme shorts, where blood, knifes, needles and fear are the absolute protagonists. Four movies by five filmmakers who are frequent guests of our festival and that keep pushing the limits of what porn could be. Discover more


?? – GRACE. – abcde Flash (5’, CH, 2022) *blood/needle play*
?? – COBWEBS – Dwam (16’, FR, 2020) *knife play*
?? – RUPTURED – Max Disgrace (15’, UK, 2021) *breath play*
?? – BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS – Roxanne Drip, Ashley Paige (15’, US, 2021) *blood/knife play/needle play*


SATURDAY 14/05/2022 – 18:30


Apart from having the stupidest title we could come up with, this is the first time we put together a whole program dedicated to masturbation! Remote sex machines, tarots, papayas, olive oil and wands, videocalls, or directly involving demons are all valid ways to have fun by yourself! Discover more


SAVE A HORSE – American Puppy (5’, US, 2021)
OUT OF LIMBO – Isabel Winter (7’, AT, 2020)
DAY 33 – Nina Chávez Góngora (12’, MEX, 2020)
ELAION – Dwam (7’, FR, 2021)
U UP? – American Puppy (12’, US, 2020)
POSSESSION – altSHIFT (9’, UK, 2020)


SATURDAY 14/05/2022 – 22:00


There are lots of ways to live and display your sexuality and identity, and lots of way to film it too! Fucking Different is our yearly appointment with the incredible variety offered by alternative porn: dildo-chalices, cruising during the Franco dictatorship in Spain, Pikachu in the unusual vest of a dominatrix, alien sex and rhythm-based sex, and lastly a tender and intimate self narration. There are lots of ways, and we’re gonna show ‘em all! Discover more


THE HOLEY GRAIL – Ethan Folk, Ty Wardell (5′, DE, 2022)
THE CAROLINA’S REVENGE – El Palomar + Crapulismo Ilustrado (4’, ES, 2018)
?? – PIKACHU V/S PIÑERA – Errada, Vesania Versàtil (8’, CHL, 2021) *ballbusting*
PROGRESSIVE TOUCH – Micheal Portnoy (13’, AT, 2020)
BE NOT AFRAID – Halo Rossetti (5’, US, 2021)
MES CHÉRIS – Ethan Folk, Ty Wardell, Jamal Phoenix (12’, DE, 2020)


SUNDAY 15/05/2022 – 16:00
COUPLIN' - 64'


Five ways of having sex as a couple, all kinds of couple and all kinds of sex, from rubber heavens to bdsm sessions, from summer fantasies to shared intimacies and almost-alien encounters. Discover more

COUPLIN’ – 64′

RUBBER – altSHIFT (8’, UK, 2020)
SAFEWORD: 8 – Carmina (17’, FR, 2020)
CRAVINGS – Ori Pinch (10’, USA, 2021)
2 OR 3 THINGS I LIKE ABOUT HIM – Paul Stümke, Billy Vega, Jamal Phoenix (15’, Germany, 2021)
DISCOVERY – Nora Smith (14’, CH, 2021)


SUNDAY 15/05/2022 – 21:30


Be it an ethereal fantasy, a sci-fi comedy, an avant-garde work, a delicate self-narration or an acid porn, Gender Trouble is composed of shorts that subvert gender norms and that investigate and convey the complexities of trans and nonbinary experiences. Discover more


FLUIDITÉ – La Fille Renne, Laure Giappiconi, Elisa Monteil (5’, FR, 2021)
LILAC LIPS, DUTCHESS COUNTY – Tristan Scott-Behrends (4’, US, 2021)
LETTING GO – Finn Peaks (12’, DE, 2021)
FUDLIAKS! TEAR THE SEXES APART! – Jasmin Hagendorfer (13’, AT, 2021)
FUCKING FREAKS CLUB – Nour Beetch, Nicky (19’, BEL, 2022)


?? Trigger warning! The content of some of the movies included in this slot may be triggering for you or other people. Read carefully the synopsis and triggers that are next to the title, or ask more info to the stuff the day of the screening.

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