Preview HPFF18

The opening movie will be Il Principe di Ostia Bronx by Raffaele Passerini, a documentary movie about two mistreated artists who have transformed Capocotta Beach into a personal stage. A movie that invites us not to be embarrassed of our own failures and to be subversively genuine.


So many movies of women directors, among these My Body My Rules by Émilie Jouve, in national preview, a survey of the performative body and the narration for Self. ISVN by Monica Stambrini starring Valentina Nappi in a deep and sincere portrait which reveals the never told, made of intimacy and tenderness, hidden side of porno.

The narration of female bodies arrives in the Orient, with Fallen Flower, Thick Leaves by Laetitia Schoofs, an inquire on the role and the pressure on the body in the People’s Republic of China.
The problem of the Vaginism is at the center of My Fucking Problem by Anne van Campenhout, a dutch young director.


We are moved to Mexico, with the documentary La Muñeca Fea by Claudia López García e George Reyes, which tells the life of a group of old ladies sex workers. It will be presented Female Touch di Morgana Mayer, in international preview, the new movie by Morgana Meyer, which covers the issue of female masturbation in dreamlike manner, and in which all the queer roman scene is involved.


Bruce La Bruce is present with two long-lengths, The Misandrists, about a top-secret army of lesbian Amazons against the patriarchy, and It Is Not the Pornographer That Is Perverse…, a poetical and cynical, porno and experimental chapter play.


Who Will Fuck Daddy? by Lasse Långström, a queer english fairy tale. The director and activist Skyler Braeden Fox will be present at the festival to introduce the documentary The 36 Years Old Virgin. Among the events out of competition Yes, We Fuck!, about sex and disability, in collaboration with the association LoverGiver and Lunàdigas by Nicoletta Nesler and Marilisa Piga, inquiring into the nuanced world of the women that choose and
claim not to want kids.

Independent productions from 13 nations of the world, with very different approaches in telling sexuality through the Humour,the Poetry, the Language of the body, and the Challenge to the conventions. A significant number of italian movies, among which She Groped Me By The Groceries by Lidia Ravviso (produced by Erika Lust), POW by Werther Germondari and Maria Laura Spagnoli, Ki è my Papino by Diego Tigrotto and the inevitable Rosario Gallardo with Apocalypse Casting. Among the international shorts Morgana Muses, the genial videoartist Antonio Da Silva, Trans’Action by KAy Garnellen and Mum, I’m back by Dimitris Katsimiris.


The midnight projections “without borders” will come back, dedicated to the disability with Army of Love,Self Care and Nexos, the paraphiliac documentaries by Jan Soldat, the extreme visions by Marc Martin; Sky Deep Detrich with Enactone and all the Ben Berlin’s shorts, who will be present in Rome.

After Fuck The Fascism in Rome, the project of 2017 realized by Maria Basura,for the edition 2018 the artist who will shoot in Rome his film 48 hours Film Project will be Ben Berlin that has started to make pornos in 2012. His Cinema is totally self-produced, no-profit and non commercial. Ben Berlin uses the BDSM techniques as tools of experimentation to explore the bodies, and shoots his films in derelict spaces.