HPFF22 Rewind

Two special events awaiting HPFF22, in which the best films of the previous editions of Hacker Porn Film Festival will be proposed again.

MERCOLEDÌ 27/04/2022 - REWIND #8


21:00 – ÊTRE CHEVAL – Jérome Clément-Wilz (63′, FR, 2015)

The portrait of Karen Chessman, a transgender lover of “pony play”, a practice that consists in adopting clothing and behaviors similar to the role of a horse. A film of great poetry, where life and dreams merge and the boundaries between genres and species are canceled out in the immensity of nature.

23:00 – ARMY OF LOVE – Alexa Karolinski & Ingo Niermann (40′, DE, 2016) + NEXOS – Post-Op, Antonio Centeno, Lucrecia Masson, Patricia Carmona (27′, ES, 2014)

People with and without disabilities inspire us to intensely explore our desires and those of others, talking openly about their sexuality. Army of Love questions romantic conventions, while Nexos proposes new paths to live the passion, away from social norms, in an autonomous way.


MERCOLEDÌ 04/05/2022 - REWIND #9


21:00 – NOVA DUBAI – Gustavo Vinagre (55′, BRA, 2015)

Back in the city after ten years, Gustavo finds a landscape marred by building speculation. Together with a group of friends, he decides to fill the empty geometries of an unrecognizable city with low proletarian fucks.


Antonio Da Silva, Portuguese cult director, combines performative language with video art and cinema. For years he has been working on issues related to homosexuality, cruising and public sex as an act of subversion from social control over our bodies.

GINGERS (14′, PT, 2013)
DANCERS (10′, PT, 2014)
SOLOS (13′, PT, 2014)
ECOSEXUAL (11′, PT, 2015)
BE SEXUAL (11′, PT, 2016)
PIX (3′, PT, 2014)


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By Hacker Porn Film Festival

The mission of Hacker Porn Film Festival is to give value and visibility to independent productions that make new subjects of investigation and research the bodies, sexuality, and the transitions between genres. The post porn, as writing, can undermine gender, language conventions and reassuring entertainment film we’re used to. The festival aims to “hack” and destabilize the conventional system of access to cinema. Hacker Sex as a new way of facing sex and life, such as push to “go further” and infect rigid cultural principles to propose a flow without borders and stimulate truly free creative expression.