COVID OBSESSION – Morgana Mayer – HPFF20|21

A hallucinatory journey into forced isolation in the days of the coronavirus. 16 people and 4 cats in a 5 week tale. Morgana Mayer explores the decay of a completely disintegrated society. The powerful “plastickers” separated and far from ordinary places and people. Anger, obsession and twilight eroticism as the only response to an unacceptable life. Imprisonment and death. Only cinema – perhaps? – will save us.

COVID OBSESSION – Morgana Mayer (IT, 30′, 2020)

Lady Attila, Leda Gheriglio, PinoB, Asiodasballo, Lip Death, Martiria Sventura, Verbena Bloom, R(zero)Love, Mamy Miao, Simone Mas, Aissia Naijan, Iron Shadow, Blau Burgunder, Diana de la Barthe, Vionnet Blue, Miss mc Meow, Pachet Fulmen, Abigail Gnash, Aidia Reinier, Rozanita mc Andrew, Rebecca Gems, gatto “MOLITERNI”, gatto “CIRCE”, gatto “BAMBOLINO”, gatto “PICCOLOINGANNO”.

SUNDAY 05/12/2021 – 17:00