COVID-19 – Update

The fourth edition of the Hacker Porn Film Festival will not take place in 2020 due to COVID-19.

We chose to not shift to an online version to stay true to our idea of what our festival is, which is tied to our bodies, our lived experiences, and to the sociality and alliances that rise around and thanks to the movies and contents that we bring to you. We decided, along with our venue, 30Formiche, to fix our next date to December 2021, to give us the time and means to organize this experience in the way that we desire. Our 2020 edition was basically ready to go, and we are really saddened to not have been able to show you the many wonderful movies that were so lovingly selected. So, if the circumstances will allow us, we will try to fill 2021 with screenings and previews, and to multiply the chances of live meetings in a flexible and resistent form.

Our call for the fifth edition of the festival will open on December 1st, so be ready to send us your germ ridden smut!