48 hours Film Project – HPFF18

I like to show the difference, how sexuality can be expressed in several ways. I like to inspire people, to break open the classic roles, the stereotypes, to  go beyond the categories. I like to see them in extraordinary, derelict, absurd spaces. In my pornos, it is possible to share my fantasies and my obsessions, and then to shape them. They become alive.
Ben Berlin

Hacker Porn Film Festival hosts directors who feel like experimenting and working on the subject matter of the body, with a few of artistic residencies during the fest week. In 2017 HPFF hosted the pornoterrorist Maria Basura and her project Fuck The Fascism, and this year she will come back to introduce her new book, published by Golena, and to give us an update on her tour and her performative actions.

In 2018 HPFF carries on working on and promoting the queer independent industry through another author, this time the German BEN BERLIN.

Professional photographer, he has started ever since his early adolescence to have a great fancy for the derelict spaces: factories, closed yards, warehouses. In 2012 he started to film some pornos, all strictly self-produced, no-profit, and established his Production in 2013. From 2012 he presents his works in the greatest queer and post-porn festivals, and for a few years he has received residences at the porn festival of Barcelona: Muestra Marnana.

In his first movies, he has been collaborating with Elena Urko, queer crusader and author of TRANSFEMINISM, frequently works with trans, lesbian and gender fluid people in order to show the variety of the sexuality and the non-compliant bodies. His movies are characterised by a co-partnership through which the performers themselves are involved in the planning and creative phase, without imposing or determining any choice. Ben Berlin uses the BDSM language and techniques in order to step outside the bounds of the bodies and go beyond them.

The town and the places become  integral part of these works, influencing the movies and the dynamics between the bodies. Often, actions become more realistic and genuine if positioned in real contexts and fascinating locations.

Ben Berlin will be hosted from 24 to 30 April and he is interested in collaborators and performers of all kinds. The movie will be screened in preview on 30th April at the Trenta Formiche Arci social club, official seat of the Fest.

If interested in participation, you can contact luciomassa74@gmail.com

Monday 30/04/2018 📍 30F 18:30 – HPFF Awards Ceremony – Screening 48 hours Film Project